NJICLE Advanced Corporate Immigration Conference

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Scott Malyk was a panelist on the November 18 NJICLE Advanced Corporate Immigration Conference: “Covid-19 and the Future of Immigration”.

About The Program: Into its fourth year, the administration of President Donald J. Trump has dramatically transformed the U.S. immigration system, in bold-brush, sweeping ways but also in small technical details across the immigration portfolio with almost four hundred (400) changes instituting one of the most activist agendas on immigration in modern times, almost exclusively via executive fiat. The administration has reshaped the system in ways unseen in decades, executing – with methodical detail – a plan to drastically narrow humanitarian benefits, increase enforcement, and reduce legal immigration.

Hearing experienced immigration attorneys who provide practical solutions to complex issues is a hallmark of this program which celebrated its 21st year as a stellar NJICLE presentation. Due to the pandemic the program was presented in 2020 on Zoom. It attracted 55 participants.

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