John Malyska Resolves Complex Fair Housing Litigation for Glen Ridge

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Meyner and Landis LLP and Of Counsel John N. Malyska are pleased to have represented the Borough of Glen Ridge, New Jersey in resolving a long and complex litigation involving fair share housing obligations.

The Borough of Glen Ridge has an obligation under New Jersey’s constitution to provide its fair share of affordable housing for low and moderate income households. In the past, Glen Ridge was unable to satisfy that obligation because it lacked vacant land. This changed when a builder known as Glen Ridge Developers LLC successfully acquired ownership to 5 contiguous single family homes on Baldwin Street and consolidated them into one 2.1 acre parcel. By doing that, the builder made land available for affordable housing. At the time the builder acquired its property rights, the Baldwin Street homes were all occupied as single-family residences and the area was not zoned for multi-family use. The builder’s acquisition of these properties was a changed circumstance which directly impacted Glen Ridge’s affordable housing obligation. Read full text here.

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