Accounting Manager

Position Summary

Mid-size law firm in Gateway Center in Newark, NJ seeks an Accounting Manager to manage the accounting functions of the firm including bookkeeping, billing, banking, and payroll.

Required Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

  1. Must have at least 5+ years’ experience as a full-charge accounting manager or providing related consulting services in a law firm or professional service firm environment.
  2. Must have successfully completed coursework in accounting or accounting management. An associate degree in accounting or accounting management is desirable.
  3. Must have experience with billing software used by either a law firm or other professional service firm (TABS or appropriate software that the firm is using) and Microsoft Office Products.
  4. Must possess strong writing, administrative and organizational skills.
  5. Must have strong interpersonal and communications skills and be able to communicate well with the partners and staff, firm clients and vendors, and the firm’s accountant.


  1. Perform all client billing functions and other accounts receivable.
  2. Pay vendor bills and manage accounts payable.
  3. Perform all data entry of receipts and client costs in billing and accounting systems.
  4. Perform all data entry of receipts and disbursements for the IOLTA/IOLA trust accounts in the accounting systems.
  5. Reconcile the firm’s IOLTA/IOLA and business accounts on an ongoing basis.
  6. Bank deposits for the firm’s IOLTA/IOLA and business accounts.
  7. Handle payroll for the firm with the firm’s PEO and ensure all 401k contributions and minimum distributions are made for the firm’s pension.
  8. Provide all required financial reports and statements to the firm’s partners and accountant as needed.
  9. Coordination with the firm’s pension actuary provider for pension plan on an annual basis.
  10. Management and oversight of the billing and accounting systems.

Job Type: Full-time. Salary commensurate with experience. Full benefits. All responses are confidential. Please email resume, cover letter and salary requirements to Cindy Oliveira-Oswald at